S. R. Dugan


February 17th of 2016, my dear friend Angie messaged me a single word. "Cancer".  Along side many other friends and family I began to pray.

As she waged her war against this wretched disease, I wrote this song as an encouragement to her. She wrote, "Thank you so much it is beautiful. It is in so many ways exactly how I feel, but not really able to communicate. I have this ugly tumor out of me. I want to replace it with those things that are precious to the Lord."

After a hard fought battle, she made her way to the presence of her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ on May 1st 2017. Angie was just 41 years old. She leaves behind a wonderful husband and three beautiful children and many heartbroken family members and friends.


Please add this song to your playlist and every time it comes up, let it be a reminder to pray for Angie's family.


Special thanks to my artist friends who offered their talents to this track.
Maygen Lacey - Vocals
Matthew Tobias - Drums
Brian Hill - Violin 


Ravaged by the fall
Creation is groaning within me I cry out for redemption
My body is broken and bleeding

You say Your strength is made perfect
When I am weak...well, I'm weak

Savage the call
My heart sinks with sorrow within me
I cry out for redemption
My loved ones are broken and bleeding

You say You peace is perfected
When I'm on my knees

May your Kingdom come in me
And your beauty all eyes see
As these shattered pieces are gathered like dust And the breath of Your Word gives me wings
May Your Kingdom come in me


by S. R. Dugan

Released 2016
Released 2016
Acoustic Americana blending influences of Bluegrass, Gospel, Folk, Blues knit together by a contemporary singer-songwriter.
"A magical musical adventure full of meaningful lyrics...very well written and very well vocalized... a delight..."
- Bob Everhart, Country Music News International

With sonic influences from the likes of James Taylor, John Denver and Neil Young to The Civil Wars and Allison Krauss, Dugan carves out his own style to delight the ear of the acoustic afficionado. "Sojourner" exudes a rootsy acoustic ambiance of significance and solace as it guides the listener through …
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Memorial Lane

by S. R. Dugan

Released 2010
Released 2010
Road Songs for the Soul - 10 Tracks of Original Americana Folk-n-Roll
"Memorial Lane" is a collection of 10 original songs: a journey of Love, Loss, Discontent and Destiny. This album is reflective of Dugan's Americana roots. From the bluesy grit of "Sorrow Is" to the bluegrass reminiscings of "Smoky Mtn Memories" Dugan reveals his mid-western home-grown influences so formative in his acoustic styling in this album that might best be described as original "Folk-n-Roll."

Come & See

by S. R. Dugan

Released 2010
Released 2010
10 Songs of Original Worship for Christian Fellowship.
“Come & See” is a collection of songs birthed out of ministry in the local church. It is an expression of a common journey of faith and an invitation to experience life in community. Reflective of Dugan's midwestern acoustic roots, "Come & See" is a fresh example of "Worship Americana."