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Americana folk-n-roll singer and songwriter, S.R. Dugan’s new album takes the listener on a journey through grief, loss, nostalgia and redemption. The collection called “Sojourner” has folk, bluegrass, Americana and gospel elements. Many songs in “Sojourner,” were inspired by the death of his father, Richard Dugan, in 2015. 


Country Music News International

"...terrific poet and songwriter...constantly taking on new life with each drop of ink he puts on paper...especially vibrant in songwriting. [Sojourner is] one of many more exhilarating musical experiences coming from S. R. Dugan. Expect the best, and you'll get it."

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Country Music News International

"A magical musical adventure full of meaningful lyrics, very well written and very well vocalized."


"OK now I'm ecstatic to get a positive review from you after hearing the quality of YOUR music. . ."

"In Your Eyes. . .great pause....organ sounds great; this is a very good song that I'd expect to hear on music for grownups radio. Your voice reminds me a bit of Bruce Cockburn."

"Sorrow Is. . .Love the lazy groove. Another radio-worthy tune. The chorus is great and the use of "sorrow is..." is something very unique; this wouldn't occur by chance in a million songs. . .I love the changes and feel during the solo."

"Memorial Lane . . . this is an outstanding tune."


"...fresh and thought provoking lyric...[t]he message is deep and resonating..."

"...compelling...draws the listener in..."

"...unique, emotional & worshipful."

"...soulfulness and sincere..."

"The playing is solid and professional with a tight chemistry between the players. Impressive musicianship!"


"Singer-Songwriter from America's heartland weaves his lyrically compelling proprietary blend of folk, rock, bluegrass and blues into this Americana Folk-N-Roll menagerie."