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Singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist born and raised in the Midwest, S. R. Dugan has returned to his roots in Minnesota with the acoustic music genres of folk, bluegrass and gospel in his proprietary musical blend of Americana Folk-N-Roll. With sonic influences from the likes of James Taylor, John Denver and Neil Young to The Civil Wars and Allison Krauss, Dugan carves out his own style to delight the ear of the acoustic afficionado. The Minnesota River Valley native is a member band of the Minnesota Bluegrass & Old Time Music Association (MBOTMA) as well as the Americana Music Association of Franklin, TN. His indie release, "Memorial Lane" won the "Contemporary Gospel CD of the Year" award from the Rural Roots Music Commission in 2015.

S. R. Dugan’s brand new release (2016) entitled "Sojourner" exudes a rootsy acoustic ambiance of significance and solace as it guides the listener through grief, loss, nostalgia and what lies beyond.

"...terrific poet...constantly taking on new life with each drop of ink he puts on paper...especially vibrant in songwriting. [Sojourner is] one of many more exhilarating musical experiences coming from S. R. Dugan. 
Expect the best, and you'll get it."  - Bob Everhart, Country Music News International



Sojourner Project Contributors

Once again I have had the privilege of drawing together some extremely gifted individuals to grace this project with their talents. This CD would not be the same without their musical genius. I am honored that they would share their gifts on this album. 

Becky Buller, 2015 IBMA Emerging Artist of the Year, 2016 IBMA Fiddler of the Year & 2016 IBMA Female Vocalist of the Year, provides stellar fiddle parts on “Back on Black” and “Wide” courtesy of Dark Shadow Recording. It’s always a delight to collaborate with Becky! Make sure you check out her latest CDs and tour schedule at

Mike McKracken shares his tasty dobro licks on “Back on Black,” Sweeter Shores” and “Wide”. If you’re near Lincoln, NE or you need to turn around some sultry slide, hit up Mike at 

Anne Rousar shares her sweet vocals with the world on “The Chippewa,” “Yesterday, Today, Forever” and “Steele Co Memories”. I have the honor to work with Anne on a regular basis through our church music ministry and am delighted to have had her appear on this project. 

Brian Hill and I have been playing music together since college and it was amazing, once again, to have him share his delicious violin voicings on the title track of this album. Even more so, I was greatly blessed to be able to have Brian join me in playing “Sojourner” at my father’s funeral  in September of 2015. We could not have asked for a better farewell. Follow Brian’s solo music at

Sara Azriel graces us with her soul satisfying vocals on “Sojourner,” “Wide” and closing the album with “Here Today”. It was such a blessing to have her participate in this project. I’m sure it will not be the last! Be sure to follow all her solo work at 

Matt Tobias lays down the law of lov’n rhythm on “Sweeter Shores,” “Questions” and “Here Today”. Matt is a seasoned professional percussionist and owner/operator of Empty House Studio in Albuquerque, NM. I’ve been blessed to have his chops on this musical project. Check out his latest projects and bands at

Scott Gaeta is the machine at Music Factory Productions in Omaha, NE. If you could only have one guy with you on stage or on your recording, Scott’s the man to call! For this project Scott delivers his sonic perfection on bass, B3 and electric guitars on “Questions” and Rhodes and B3 on “Here Today.” Follow all of Scott’s work at

Cindy Eng is an incredibly talented bassist, violinist and vocalist that I am privileged to work with regularly through our church music ministry. So happy to have Cindy share her vocal talents on “Yesterday, Today, Forever.”

Joseph Merboth in a fabulous pianist, composer and tin whistler. Delighted to have him contributing that whistle to the closing track of this project, “Here Today.”

Doug Van Sloun of Focus Mastering in Omaha, NE puts the finishing sparkle on this third S.R. Dugan studio album. Check out his studio at

Special Thanks to Gabe Hendry for the use of his Dragonfly acoustic bass on this project.

Thank you, friends, for your contributions to this project. You have blessed me beyond belief.